Sunday, November 8, 2009


B L E S S E D (by Thru Lens)

Yesterday (Sunday 8th of November, 2009) I happened to go to photoshoot to Lepakshi with Ashok, Murali, Jayanth, Praveen, Keshav, Thirumeni. I was mostly intimidated by the old schoolers, this being the first time. (Not in the literal sense!)

It was an enlightening experience, during which I learned that
  • There are yet a zillion things that I need to learn, one of which is to never trust the auto white balance!
  • You are always short of photographic accessories, missed the ultra wide angle and telephoto lens! I stuck to 50mm lens, it was a conscious experimental decision.
The above photo was taken near the big Nandhi at Lepakshi. The old women were kind enough to shower the blessings and sport a big smile!

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